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BIG WAR Little Wars 

BIG WAR Little Wars by Arlend Eisenbise“Daddy said that nobody really wins a war. They only make it look that way.”

Teenager Milla Jaeger questions the war and the rules that war triggers. She misses her family’s life in the Wisconsin countryside before the move to Tralmer’s Trailer Camp near Milwaukee. While World War II—the Big War—rages overseas, war-weary civilians on the home front endure sacrifices as they experience their own conflicts, the Little Wars.

As Milla enters high school, she clings to hope for her loved ones serving their country. If only Daddy could turn the knob on their Motorola and switch life back to a time before the bombs dropped on Pearl Harbor—before her Japanese American friend is banned from their favorite hangout and before she frightens her younger sister with her nightmares.

If only the twist of a wrist could return her cousins from European battlefields, especially her favorite cousin, Raymie. Milla has not forgotten Raymie’s long-ago promise, but her obsession with his survival and an even stronger tie—a long-kept secret—truly link them across two uncertain worlds.

“Adult readers will be swept back in time, and younger ones will identify with a teenage girl’s aspirations and anxieties. Milla Jaeger’s immutable optimism marks her as a perfect heroine.”

– Marlene Baird author of Claire Walker

“How did WWII change the average American family? Take a step back through time and experience home front life through the eyes of Milla Jaeger. From the devastating strike on Pearl Harbor, through D-Day and the war trial, readers will be spellbound as history comes to life.”

– Karen Clemens Warrick author of Sandra Cisneros, The Alamo and The War of 1812

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The Crystal Skull Trilogy

The Keepers of Atlantis

During the end times of the last remaining island of the once great civilization, Aluna—widowed Keeper of an ancient Crystal Skull—and her twins Mikolaya and Mikkon face increasing threats. A rising ocean and The Illuma, a menacing order whose members covet the wisdom embedded within the Skulls by the Star People, make escape from the doomed island inevitable. But how?

The Keepers of  Lubaantun

When the only child of the shamaness is kidnapped, Indiigo—orphaned along with her three sisters—is chosen to replace the missing daughter. She will train as the Keeper of a precious Crystal Skull, devising ways to deter the pirates who covet the fortune it could bring them. As volcanoes rock the land of the early Mayans, the Skull is hidden. Could Indiigo’s Dhun be the same Crystal Skull discovered in modern times?

The Keepers of Turtle Island

Aniiya of the Hopi Bear Clan welcomes her future as Storyteller and Keeper in their village of Orayve. She chooses to carry out her responsibilities without the support of a mate. Aniiya’s father—their chief—perished from what may not have been an accident; she’s determined to learn who was responsible. Her grandmother passes on their history as well as the 100 prophecies given them by Maaasu’u, Guardian of the Earth. The nomadic Apaches lust to possess the Keeper’s precious Crystal Skull, unaware there are those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save it.

Aniiya’s childhood friend Choviohoya and the traveling trader Copiapo’, vie for her attention. But neither wins her heart. None can tame Aniiya’s willfulness—none, until Tomaah.

The Lolly Fox Series

Lolly’s Choice

A young Lolly longs for one of Gerta’s eggs, waits for the nesting turkey to wander off, and learns a lesson that the new-born poults are equipped to teach.

I’m A Llama

Gemini replaces Farmer Mack’s injured dog to guard his sheep, especially from the red fox that torments them. The llama instructs the sheep to look for the good in others. One stormy night the llama, the fox, and the four sheep learn a major mutual lesson.

Building Fences

A more mature Lolly Fox agrees to mentor Stomp, a young stallion. He envies Lolly’s courage to explore Farmer Mack’s fields as she jumps his fences. Lolly guides Stomp through his imagination where he erases the words that limit his adventures.