2015 ~ March 18

I’ve been accused of playing hooky or hibernating for the winter. I confess to neither. My excuse for being absent from these pages is that being a part-time author can be a full-time job.

There are groups to join. In January I joined the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA). BIG WAR Little Wars is currently in the hands of one of their reviewers.

There are contests to enter. I entered three, which involved forms to complete, books to package, and fees to submit. But contests give hope and something to look forward to.

There are prizes to offer. Three Goodreads Giveways had several hundred readers competing for a free copy of BIG WAR Little Wars. The USA winner gifted me with a Five-Star review. I await the reviews from the winner in Japan and in Germany.

There are book fairs to attend. I’m signed on for the Prescott Valley Public Library Book Festival scheduled for May 16th. Other book fairs are on the horizon. In January I was the “mystery reader” during our library’s participation in the National Readathon Day.

There are books to read. An author needs to be aware of what’s popular but, truthfully, that’s not what I write.

BIG WAR Little Wars is categorized as a young adult, historical novel. I’ve heard from readers age thirteen to ninety-three—a broad range indeed. Every age takes something different from the story—young readers are studying World War II in school; middle-age readers had family members who served during the Big War who rarely, if ever, spoke of their experiences; older readers are reminded of a time long forgotten—a time when people sacrificed for a common cause.

Wouldn’t it be uplifting if we humans would devote an equal amount of energy toward a peace effort as they did all those years ago toward the war effort?


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2 Responses to I STAND ACCUSED

  1. Connie Knutson says:

    I never realized what an ordeal being a Author is…got a wake up call and putting to sleep what I thought would be a cleansing effect to write of my past…oh well….


  2. Amber Polo says:

    You are learning so much so fast. Remember to savor every step.


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