While checking the date on my passport, I learned that it’s nearly time to renew if I plan to travel to our Sister City in Mexico beyond February. Denny and I joined the Prescott-Caborca Sister City group two years ago. We’ve learned that you can usually manage to communicate the basics even if you don’t have the language in common.

partyJust prior to BIG WAR Little Wars being published in July, we gathered with members from Caborca for a true ranch-style picnic—BIG everything. I passed a collector card portraying my book to the beautiful Lorenia–one of our guests. I asked a few members whether or not the library in Caborca accepted English-language books. No one knew the answer.

Prior to our joint Christmas Party on December 7th (the Pearl Harbor anniversary), I received an e-mail from Lorenia. She mentioned the book I’d promised. At the party, I asked Guillermo if he knew the circumstance at their library. Later, I learned that he is employed there and does inspired work with their children. Guillermo insisted on purchasing a copy. I am confident that he will place the book where it needs to be. That still left me with a copy that I’d planned to donate.

party!Before the last potluck morsel was consumed or the last dance shook the hardwood flooring, Rafael—president of the Caborca group—asked about my novel. He is a professor at the Universidad De Sonora. Could the book be used at the University when studying both history and language? As I signed a copy to be put to good use at their university, I was too elated to mention to Rafael that I would pay for that opportunity!

I still must renew my passport to physically cross the border between the state of Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora, but my words don’t have that restriction. They are free to travel to wherever they are invited. What can match such freedom?




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